Monday, 15 March 2010

Home Improvements

When you reside, as I am privileged to do, in a Grade II listed property there are inevitable matters of alteration to be considered. Being of unusual stature the ceiling heights of this famous old farmhouse have proved a personal inconvenience. Equally my extended business committments require sound-proof locations that can be kept apart from the main dwelling. I need space for all the necessary equipment to keep me linked up to the cloud and that will also mean relocating the water-bed and the mirrors that surround it. Happily my application is designated as one to be dealt with under "delegated powers". But I have taken the liberty of inviting Cllrs Polly Colthorpe and Ray Stanley round to sample the glories of the South Warmore wine cellar. They may be Tories but they're both on the Planning Committee. Perhaps they will also be interested in joining my growing band of affiliates.