Monday, 30 June 2008

Somerset's Torres

He is the toast of Spain today and rightly so. I was on the edge of my seat last night in eager anticipation of a second glorious goal. They deserved three. It reminded me of my days as a child striker up against the walls of the back-to-back homes in my beloved Merseyside. Hard days for us, but solid training for now. Now I can withstand anything they kick at me and I coach my key team to be every bit as dogged and resilient. Effort always reaps rewards. So I wish Matthew Jones and his dear wife all the relaxation and fun they can have on their forthcoming American vacation. Matthew has been and remains a real tower of strength in all his dealings with our clients. He deserves the generous invitation from our business partners to spend a little quality time in the land of the free. He will, I am sure, be absolutely amazed by the professionalism of all the fine people he meets at IBM HQ. And he will come back refreshed for the next big battles. Matt, you are our Fernando!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Music, Madness and Mud

I am not talking about the occasional healthy disputes that will always occur in the best regulated families. I have no problem with any of the excellent democratically elected councillors Somerset is privileged to possess. One or two of them may approach our relationship from a slightly different, and more abrasive, perspective. I respect their right to do so. But we are all, surely, engaged upon a shared task. We are striving for better things. We must all work together. I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to one particular member of the elected - Councillor David Huxtable. His skills and insights have proved invaluable. Indeed I doubt if The Project would have come so far and so fast without his helpful attention to detail and his ability to back real winners. But less of work. Tonight perhaps I could avail myself of the invitation to attend a certain festival at which I may be allowed the rare chance of letting my hair down. Those who know me best will avow to my modest vocal skills - gained, with Alice, on the hard streets of that oh-so-musical city, Liverpool. I might even try out the old air guitar. My good friend Michael Eavis always puts on such a tremendous show. And it is nice to see mud on Somerset's good earth - rather than being flung by politicians. Rock on!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Power to the People

Praise is in order for the executive of the Liberal Democrats at County Hall. What a thoroughly sensible body of politicians they are and so much better than some others I could name. I was delighted by their decision to allow the officers of my council to take all future decisions about nuclear energy. In the past the Liberal Democrats have shown some scepticism about nuclear power. But at last they have realised the overwhelming common sense of handing over negotiation and decision making to the A team. This brave initiative will, no doubt, be discussed at the next full council meeting in July but I am confident that it will sail through and be recognised as a bench-mark for future planning. My officers are better equipped to deal with all major decision-making than anyone. Mrs Shortland is a far-sighted advocate of my ideals

Monday, 23 June 2008

Strawberries and Straight Sets

With regret I will be unable to journey to Wimbledon this year. The workload of a busy man precludes such fripperies. But there is consolation in knowing that one's heroes are making the grade on the hallowed lawns of the All England Tennis Club. I confess that a tingle ran up my spine when Roger Federer secured his first victory of the year today. There was scant opportunity to see the game but the thrill of a fair win always buoys me. Mixed doubles are my particular penchant and many a player has come to fear and respect my back hand volleys. As with tennis, so with the public duties that engage me now. Stamina and determination will be vital. I possess both.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Bliss of Sunday

My thanks for those many friends who have contacted me with congratulation upon this new venture in conveying information and sense to the population at large. I looked out this morning at the imposing tower of St Andrew's church in the village and contemplated which service to attend. The calling of the cloth has never been mine, but simply to enter such a splendid architectural monument as St Andrew's conveys the greatness of man's achievements in a proper cause. I have a purpose and a vision. I intend to share them over the coming days and I will strive to create a better understanding for us all.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

At last!

For too long my name has been taken in vain by those with an insufficiency of imagination. Can they not see the overwhelming sense of the many projects that have, and still are, emanating from my active mind. It is with that familiar and friendly spirit of open-mindedness that I have decided to create this important journal. It is my avowed intention to teach the people of this county and lead them on the road to better understanding and communal prosperity. The task is important and begins here.