Monday, 5 October 2015

Today Dulverton. Tomorrow the world. am delighted to let you know about my return to public office in the most important role of leader. Needless to say this is overdue recognition of my considerable skills in this field. Naturally Dulverton Middle School looked beyond their own flock when seeking a new Chair for the Board of Governors. I was approached and asked to help them. You can understand why they picked me. I have established a national reputation as a positive force for change in transforming organisations and working with communities to create excellence and innovation. I have led structural, cultural, behavioural and procedural change across local authorities and local strategic partnerships. I am well known for my work on shared services, joint ventures with the private sector and creation of efficiencies using world class technologies. I also walk on water.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Another string to my famous bow.....

I rarely a reject a plum job. So when Roderick Corrie asked me to join his team in the boardroom I could hardly say no. It is a golden opportunity to line my pockets with yet more of the folding stuff by persuading those in local government (who know me only by my sanitised public reputation) that a deal with Public-i is well worthwhile. The kindly prose in the press release refers to my wide experience running administrations and managing change effectively. It is probably best that my personal difficulties with the new adminstration at County Hall were not mentioned, as well as my ongoing relationship with talented affiliates from Harrow to Hastings. That's more for Private Eye than Public-i, methinks.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Home Improvements

When you reside, as I am privileged to do, in a Grade II listed property there are inevitable matters of alteration to be considered. Being of unusual stature the ceiling heights of this famous old farmhouse have proved a personal inconvenience. Equally my extended business committments require sound-proof locations that can be kept apart from the main dwelling. I need space for all the necessary equipment to keep me linked up to the cloud and that will also mean relocating the water-bed and the mirrors that surround it. Happily my application is designated as one to be dealt with under "delegated powers". But I have taken the liberty of inviting Cllrs Polly Colthorpe and Ray Stanley round to sample the glories of the South Warmore wine cellar. They may be Tories but they're both on the Planning Committee. Perhaps they will also be interested in joining my growing band of affiliates.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Here come the girls

I am delighted with the response to our appeal for graduates for the new Future Communities programme. I have no doubt that many of these excellent and able people (most of them are women) will progress and advance their careers with my helping hands. The more the merrier when it comes to finding new talent for this specialist area of Procurement. So if you haven't yet added your name and vital statistics to my little black book please do so now.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Golden Future

I would like to wish my many new friends, colleagues, affiliates and associates a very happy new year. 2010 is dawning with rich promise as well as the sweet smell of success. As you see I have already teamed up with Pascal on my new enterprise. Monsieur Deneuve is a specialist. His company manufacturers very clever detection equipment which can be used to see inside maritime containers. Before that he was in charge of selling Lee Cooper jeans. No doubt this expertise will come in handy for local authorities who sign up with my new commercial vehicle Future Communities  I know Pascal is right behind me. His English is a little rudimentary and his haircut leaves a lot to be desired, but who am I to carp. So let us all pull together for a rosy future for all our future communities - especially mine. Feel free to drop by anytime at South Warmore and I now have some new phone numbers: 

01398 323153 or 07768 000500

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My new job

It seems an age since I spoke to you all. But an active age it has certainly been. My new company is already making giant strides and my active involvement with Google Business is helping to promote a truly amazing product and also providing an excellent additional emolument. These things make life at Morebath so much more acceptable. Of course I miss the cut and thrust of County Hall, but Roger Kershaw always keeps me posted. I will be celebrating my success with a party here at South Warmore. Everyone is welcome. Details to follow shortly. Meantime sit back and enjoy the show. Admirers say that grey hair simply adds to my charm.

If you like what you see please give me a call: 07885 499667

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Big D

You know the old saying - one door closes and another door opens. In my case two doors have now slammed shut. Susie packed her bags and left me to rattle around in this wonderful Morebath house all alone (the girls fled the nest long ago) I can understand her feelings. The last few years have taken their toll. She said she needed space. I certainly need height. Where will it all end? The legal vultures are already gathering. I anxiously await the naming of a correspondent. Breaking contracts can be costly. That is why Somerset will be permanently stuck with SouthWest One. But hard times breed strength. I have been up against the wall before and triumphed. Watch this space