Monday, 16 February 2009

Up the Summit

Tomorrow promises to be a very fruitful day. I like the buzz on the breakfast train to London - familiar faces from industry and commerce; useful contact with the right people; a decent breakfast and - when we arrive at Paddington - just a gentle stroll to the Royal Lancaster Hotel. As someone who has reached the summit in Somerset I relish the opportunity of passing my wealth of experience down to others less fortunate and also to spot new peaks for my next ascent. This Public Sector Summit is bound to be special, coming as it does midst the gloom of a recession. But am I gloomy? No way. Positivity is the only way to climb. Excellence was yesterday. Beyond it are pinnacles of unimaginable splendour. I am on my way.

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Beyond Excellence said...

Try not to say anything too idiotic this time Alan - we are having difficulty keeping up! Love from the Dog & Duck X