Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Into Denial

Sometimes the most effective method of dealing with ugly rumour is to ignore it. Often the matter can be defused by personal denial. But the sure-fire, one-hundred per cent, copper-bottomed secret weapon to use in extremis is to call in the services of the wife. You don't even have to give her the whole story. In fact you don't even have to consult her at all. I have found that one letter signed, ostensibly, by my long suffering spouse renders many false criticisms completely harmless. I - sorry She - writes to the superior of whoever has called my activities into question. I - sorry She - will have a tear in the eye and a metaphorical quiver in the voice. How can they refuse the entreaties of an honest woman? Of course they can't. One missive sent from Mrs J's e-mail and the job's a good 'un ! Usually. (But not always)


The fella next door said...

Dear Alan,

If it is not true, you should sue. Flabby denials are worse than taking it like a man ....

Your friend and colleague,


Anonymous said...

Yeah Alan,
Stop hiding up - sorry i mean behind - the ladies skirts and take it like a man!