Thursday, 14 January 2010

Golden Future

I would like to wish my many new friends, colleagues, affiliates and associates a very happy new year. 2010 is dawning with rich promise as well as the sweet smell of success. As you see I have already teamed up with Pascal on my new enterprise. Monsieur Deneuve is a specialist. His company manufacturers very clever detection equipment which can be used to see inside maritime containers. Before that he was in charge of selling Lee Cooper jeans. No doubt this expertise will come in handy for local authorities who sign up with my new commercial vehicle Future Communities  I know Pascal is right behind me. His English is a little rudimentary and his haircut leaves a lot to be desired, but who am I to carp. So let us all pull together for a rosy future for all our future communities - especially mine. Feel free to drop by anytime at South Warmore and I now have some new phone numbers: 

01398 323153 or 07768 000500

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Anonymous said...

I thought your partner was called "conner"? Or was it "conman"? Who's this French geezer then?