Thursday, 6 November 2008

Goodbye Guantanemo - Hello Somerset

In the heady aftermath of his overwhelming victory I recalled President-elect Obama's firm pledge to scrap the internment camp known as Guantanemo Bay. In view of his aspirations this is a pledge that makes sound common sense. But it leaves an important custodial deficit which must be addressed. I believe that Barrack's loss can be Somerset's gain. We are already well equipped to deal with institutional/organisational terrorists and the development of a secure holding place for Al Quaida terrorists and others is also within our capability and grasp. My colleagues in SouthWest One are already discussing with IBM the technical niceties of keeping these people safely locked up in our excellent county. I have also earmarked a potential site - that disused airfield up on the Blackdown Hills. I will be working tirelessly from now on to win this important new contract. Let me know what you think. This could provide valuable new jobs for Somerset.


Beyond Excellence said...

I think you will find that the correct expression (as displayed on the powerpoint presentation to our Italian friends in November 2007) is "organisational" terrorists. Please try to be consistent Alan - you've confused us all enough already.

The Real Sam Crabb said...

To the Reader – Please note this is a bogus blogsite. All this stuff was not written by Alan Jones – it is all rubbish.

To the “Bogus Blogger” – I now know who you are. Would you please take this website down immediately and stop being so childish. It is really boring – you seem to have gone off the boil.