Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Make a date with me

Are you busy at 3pm on Thursday June 25th - I know I am!

  • Case Study Session - Effective Recruitment, Strong Communities, Better Business - Local Employment Partnerships Around the UK

  • Tackling local employment and welfare issues through partnerships
    The need for community-based solutions

  • Making local and multi-area agreements work - reviewing and improving private, public and third sector links

  • Somerset County Council - the trailblazer for LEP's

  • The role of welfare and referral staff in moving individuals into training and skills

  • Assisting the long term unemployed and those receiving disability incapacity benefits

  • Setting and achieving local improvement targets - committing a talented workforce

  • Releasing the skills potential of all local residents - maintaining a vibrant economy

  • Improving access and opportunities to work through the personalisation of service provision

It is good to know that my most excellent private conference services continue to be in great demand. My power points are legendary. Please direct any future requests to my agent

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