Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Colourful ideas

Jungian psychology has a thing or two to teach us. We ignore it at our peril. And there is nothing simple about the colour wheel. Colour can reveal much about our personalities and influence the way we work. That is why I am allowing my senior managers to participate in a special course tomorrow to help them improve their lives. They are off to a workshop at the lovely Bindon Country House Hotel where their ideas will be challenged by some of the sharpest brains in psychological profiling. I first discovered The Colour Works team at a conference for Chief Executives in the South West. Their workshops are a safe, non-threatening, high energy experience. The emphasis is on fun, motivation, learning and the freedom to enjoy all types of personality and personal styles. You come away with your unique, detailed profile, the appropriate Colour Works hat and – typically – a great big smile. You do not need an understanding of psychology or have any special training in order to make sense of the profiling. It is presented in user-friendly, accessible terms with simple visuals. Most importantly, this profile values the differences in people, rather than clumps them together as ‘types’.
The power of self-understanding is multiplied many times over as we move from PERSONAL to TEAM development and learning. By discovering the mechanics of some of the frustrations that exist within the team, we start to:

Focus on critical areas and resources

Celebrate success

Benchmark the team’s performance and progress

Encourage a supportive team culture based on respect and understanding

There is always a positive and dramatic effect on morale and productivity. ‘BREAKTHROUGH’ moments are common.Once the basics of team-working have been embedded, we are able to move on to measure the team’s performance against 16 core competencies, such as roles & responsibilities, DECISION-MAKING, creativity and trust.
The results often include that vital plus - releasing the "X" factor within the team.

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