Thursday, 2 October 2008

Making a Drama out of a Crisis

"Chief Executives and senior managers will be given the chance to confront contentious issues and challenge the accepted way of doing things, when they have a theatrical mirror held up to them, reflecting on how a crisis can become drama." This is exactly my sort of event, so I have booked a place at the Solace conference to participate. I can tell them more than a thing or two about contentious issues.
"After seeing a short dramatic scene the audience, in groups, then redirect the actors with new actions and lines, challenging situations and raising issues. The actors change groups and participants can then experience other points of view. Participants are also allowed to stop the action." Frankly they should hold the next Solace conference in Taunton. And I'm sure my loyal staff and loving family would have several things to say about the appalling attacks made upon me by some. It is great to be able to rely on solid support at times of considerable stress.

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Random SCC employee said...

We are not loyal. Most of us can't wait to get to a "safe" omputer to make comments on blogs like this. The rest are just scaredy-pants or sycophants!