Friday, 27 June 2008

Music, Madness and Mud

I am not talking about the occasional healthy disputes that will always occur in the best regulated families. I have no problem with any of the excellent democratically elected councillors Somerset is privileged to possess. One or two of them may approach our relationship from a slightly different, and more abrasive, perspective. I respect their right to do so. But we are all, surely, engaged upon a shared task. We are striving for better things. We must all work together. I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to one particular member of the elected - Councillor David Huxtable. His skills and insights have proved invaluable. Indeed I doubt if The Project would have come so far and so fast without his helpful attention to detail and his ability to back real winners. But less of work. Tonight perhaps I could avail myself of the invitation to attend a certain festival at which I may be allowed the rare chance of letting my hair down. Those who know me best will avow to my modest vocal skills - gained, with Alice, on the hard streets of that oh-so-musical city, Liverpool. I might even try out the old air guitar. My good friend Michael Eavis always puts on such a tremendous show. And it is nice to see mud on Somerset's good earth - rather than being flung by politicians. Rock on!


David said...

I was deeply touched by your comments, Alan

Anonymous said...

Oh you saucy little goose!

Will you be playing your favs from the glory days? How about a rendition of that immortal classic from The Kinks?

'cos he's a dedicated follower of fashion......