Saturday, 21 June 2008

At last!

For too long my name has been taken in vain by those with an insufficiency of imagination. Can they not see the overwhelming sense of the many projects that have, and still are, emanating from my active mind. It is with that familiar and friendly spirit of open-mindedness that I have decided to create this important journal. It is my avowed intention to teach the people of this county and lead them on the road to better understanding and communal prosperity. The task is important and begins here.

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Anonymous said...

Dea Alan,

I am so glad yo uhave finally decided to share you're wisdom with us. The rest of them their all just jealouse of you're sheere brilliance, and I for won am a fan!

Can you tell me more about the plan for redeploying the troops? Is this the same plan you adviced the last Prime Minister about?

Yours truely,