Monday, 30 June 2008

Somerset's Torres

He is the toast of Spain today and rightly so. I was on the edge of my seat last night in eager anticipation of a second glorious goal. They deserved three. It reminded me of my days as a child striker up against the walls of the back-to-back homes in my beloved Merseyside. Hard days for us, but solid training for now. Now I can withstand anything they kick at me and I coach my key team to be every bit as dogged and resilient. Effort always reaps rewards. So I wish Matthew Jones and his dear wife all the relaxation and fun they can have on their forthcoming American vacation. Matthew has been and remains a real tower of strength in all his dealings with our clients. He deserves the generous invitation from our business partners to spend a little quality time in the land of the free. He will, I am sure, be absolutely amazed by the professionalism of all the fine people he meets at IBM HQ. And he will come back refreshed for the next big battles. Matt, you are our Fernando!

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