Monday, 16 March 2009

Left-wing lackeys

As everyone knows I am, above all, a fair-minded and decent individual. I always play by the rules and defend those who have been subjected to intimidation. That is why I resent the campaign being waged on the left of politics to undermine people like me in our quest to ensure level playing fields in the workplace. For we cannot allow blatent breaches of data protection laws in the name of union representation. That would be wrong. When the union man named in this article was caught out by my loyal lieutenants we treated his case in the same impartial manner that all such miscreants should expect. We did not hurry to pass judgement upon him. Instead we suspended the man deliberately and delayed his trial for four months in order to allow hot tempers to cool and common sense to prevail. His full displinary hearing was conducted in accordance with the rules and the decision of that hearing will be announced shortly. These wicked Fleet Street hacks describe such action as "blacklisting". This is nonsense. Any suggestion that delays were instituted to instill fear among staff is ridiculous. Those who spread such rumours can expect justified harsh punsishment.

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