Monday, 7 July 2008

Keeping it in the family

Many happy returns to Tom - 68 today, but still capable of drawing the crowds and causing its female element to remove personal items of clothing and then fling them at him by the basket-load. Like all we Jones's Tom has admirable qualities and unquestionable abilities. He is also unremittingly honest. Would there to be a Standards Board for popular musicians Tom's reputation would never be besmirched. More of us should emulate his skills. I confess to sometimes rehearsing those magnificent hip swings of his in my own wardrobe mirror (fully clothed of course). Though I am always aware of the close proximity, and consequent danger, of my faithful Corby trouser press. Tonight, however, I may throw a little caution to the wind and "take my hat off" on the winding road home to Wivvy.

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