Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Big Bang

I used to be against the use of guns. Coming, as I do, from the city of Liverpool where drive-by shootings are now all too frequent, my delicate sensibilities were ingrained early. But now, as I settle back into the lifestyle of my adopted new home, I can begin to see some sense in the sport. Shooting requires great concentration, real physical strength, dogged determination and - not to put too fine a point upon it - something of the killer instinct too. I have previously assuaged my anger at stupid individuals in a repressed but harmless way. However Penny's advice is to vent my ire with force in future - and where better to do so than on my own doorstep. Thankfully Morebath sports one of the best shooting venues in the region. I have a number of targets in mind!


Anonymous said...

Your choice of cartridge makes it clear you have wild fowl on your mind - so bring it on, City Boy!

Anonymous said...

Kirkby is not in the fine city of Liverpool. Populated by scousers maybe but it is in Knowsley.