Friday, 1 August 2008

Leakers will be dealt with

The passing of information to outsiders is not only morally wrong it undermines the health and welfare of our efficient and excellent organisation. There is a strict policy of zero tolerance towards those who convey gossip and ill-digested facts to person or persons with motives that are, at the very least, dubious. Only the other day I was with a group of senior managers and made it absolutely clear that leakers will be dealt with severely. Even when I am not in the office I keep watch. Vacations make no difference. My influence reigns. There will be no hiding place for those who transgress my rules. FIFO is the rallying cry to colleagues and the abiding professional yardstick. Fit in or f*** off.


Sauce for the Goose said...

Leakers will be dealt with?

Sounds like a line out of last week's performance by Count Arther Strong of "Piddler on the Roof"

pip pip

Anonymous said...

OK Alan - we'll be careful!