Thursday, 28 August 2008

Because they're worth it

I have heard some stupid internal carping about the high salaries now being offered to key employees of SouthWest One. The new Chief Procurement Officer, for example, will command around £90,000 a year. This is a perfectly fair rate of pay given the responsibilities - developing and delivering the provision for collaborative strategic procurement and providing thought-leadership of leading edge procurement strategies.Tenacity, drive, personal acumen and persuasion will be required. Give Eileen Hill a bell today on 07740639930 if you want to apply - its your last chance. And as for the carpers - well I know who you are. There are middle managers at SCC doing very nicely thank you. Some of them drive expensive German motor cars. One or two have personalised numbers plates. Let's cut the carping. We are all better off in the SouthWest One family.

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