Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Likely Vlads

At fifty-five I am just running in, ticking over, flexing my muscles, gently stretching my huge cubic capacities. Like my good friend Mr Putin I cut a lean figure in the field and we share the same age and several of the same ambitions. Should the time ever come for me to relinquish my role as Somerset's Chief Executive I would cheerfully accept a quasi Presidential office in the county. But with such power inevitably comes great responsibility. The future communities over which I may one day preside will need to be not only well governed but intelligently managed. This is where global partners are so valuable. I commend Vladimir's decision to call a halt to the current armed struggle. I will post a message on his My Space site and send warmest greetings to his charming lady wife. But, of course, Georgia is always on my mind.

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