Monday, 8 September 2008

Big Hitters

Bad luck Max - it could have been you.

And sorry to disappoint my old friend Alistair.

But the competition could not have been fiercer.
This is certainly Britain's most challenging Public Relations job. It needed a truly inspired individual to meet my exacting specifications.

And I am happy to say that I have found him on our very own doorstep (well just up the road in Alhampton) So step forward Simon Clifford, my new master of spin. Simon is to the world of wireless what Colonel Sanders was to the humble chicken. Sir Terry Wogan in his soon to be published book "Radio Greats" describes Simon as a "towering perpendicular pillar of excellence with the authentic Midas touch". He has already transformed BBC Somerset Sound into a world class station. Thus I am positively delighted that Simon is now able to bring his immense industry experience to this County Council's assistance. Simon's mission is without boundaries. He intends to launch our own multi-media channel to provide the high quality alternative to existing biased outlets. His great plans for new programmes include "Me and Mine" - a daily show broadcast live from the Chief Executive's office. (I may surprise some of you with my adventurous playlist) Simon will mastermind all our public utterances. He is a radio genius and well worth the £72,000 a year we will pay him. Remember the name.

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