Thursday, 4 September 2008

West is Best

My good friend Rick Stein found us a table (he never lets a pal down even at the height of the season). Mark and I sat in the corner marvelling at the menu and contemplating the future. He's done well. The fast footwork of his team has proved its worth. Cornwall's new Unitary Authority will hit the ground running in April and, who knows, the famous Jones clan name may well go up in lights. Mark and I have roots in the far South West. Some of my ancestors started as tin miners before they followed their fortunes to Kirkby where I was born. But Cornwall has positively boomed in recent days. The council is vibrant. The new authority will have real zip and go. You can hear about Mark's aspirations on their little film or pop along and have a chat with me. My door is always open. I can even greet you in Cornish!

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Somerset County Council said...

Oi Oi - that aint fair. Cornwall gets Sheila Healy and we get, well, you.