Thursday, 18 September 2008

Goodbye and Hello

There will soon be a fresh face at the top table to replace my trusted colleague and this County's able Solicitor, David Corry. David is opting for retirement - how I envy him. He is a genuinely good and caring human being who has, perhaps, sometimes allowed his Christianity to cloud his decisions. I mean the remark to be taken more as a tribute to his persona. But this, after all, is a hard game. It demands iron wills of all those practitioners who seek change for the better. David will, I know, pray that we continue to get it right and we will hope that he enjoys the quieter side of life from now on. His workload will fall to a man I know well and have now persuaded to join our team. Meic Sullivan-Gould makes Rumpole of the Bailey seem like a rank amateur. He is the archetypal lawyers', lawyer. Meic will run rings round everyone. He did the job in style at Hackney and Basingstoke. He's heading over to Taunton very soon.

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