Saturday, 13 September 2008

Truncheon Vouchers

The new independent chair of SouthWest One is the wise choice. Indeed she was my personal recommendation. They don't come more independent than Moira. She is a clinical psychologist by trade and a force to be reckoned with. There will of course be some stupid people who will argue that she is too closely aligned with police matters to take an overview of the entire SouthWest One remit. This is ridiculous. SouthWest One was always destined to be a company servicing the needs of our courageous constabulary not just here in Somerset but perhaps throughout the UK. Moira is the best placed person to keep an eye on all this and keep her new colleague on the board, Colin Port, company too.

Look at some of her current responsibilities:

Member of the following committees:

Chair of Appointments Committee
Chair of Remuneration Committee
Finance Committee
Capital Asset Management Sub-Committee
Standards Committee
Human Resources Committee
Police Authority Representative on the following bodies:
Association of Police Authorities (APA) Deputy Chair
APA Plenary Meetings (as Chair)
Somerset Strategic Partnership
Police Community Trust (Chair)
Regional ACPO/PA Meeting

That's independence for you.

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