Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Dulverton deserves my favourite Geeks

A sudden brainwave struck me. I was about to grease the gear nipples on my new racing pride and joy when it came to me: why not get some top class talent involved in the Dulverton Parish Plan. I met the two bright young sparks in the picture when I was fact-finding in California. So I will be sending word to Larry and Sergey to get on over and help. Mr Page and Mr Brin know a thing or two about picking up a good idea and making it run. They have become firm friends over the years and, I know, regard me as a little bit of a mentor. More to the point I am absolutely sure they would jump at the chance of doing something positive for me and for my new town. I seem to remember that Google was once subjected to Government legal action in America but stood up to the threats with great robustity and won the case. That's the spirit! The idea of bringing them in to Dulverton has cheered me up a great deal. Life has been tough lately. The pressures remain enormous. And, as with all such challenges, the costs emerge as stress. I admit it. I have become a victim of this malady and I need time to put things straight. I hope it will not be necessary to take too much time off, but my medical advisors will surely want me to recuperate completely if I am to work at my usual pace and efficiency. If I miss the final session of full council tomorrow do not be surprised. I will be here at home, gazing at the Google boys signed photograph which now has pride of place on the dresser in the kitchen.

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