Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The S Word

....and it isn't Strategy or Synthesis.

The word I have in mind (and mind is the operative extra word ) describes in six lettered, stark simplicity the appalling toll of hard work and pressure upon the human psyche. I confess to being a sufferer. I can no longer suffer in silence.

It is high time for me to seek professional help

I have struggled for too long and without sympathy

My hope is that the cynical political classes will take my case seriously

We, who are driven low by the pressures of power, have to alter our lifestyles

My mission is to get well as quickly as I can and return to the task of transforming local government. Happily there are failsafe systems already in place that will compensate me for as long as my recovery takes. Of course this is a costly process and it may prove more intelligent to create a situation in which I may be allowed to leave in comfort and with no hard feelings. But this, for the moment at least, is a stressful thought in itself. May your prayers be with me.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder you're under such stress, Chief, with the heavy burden you carry. Some have had the temerity to suggest that you've been so unwell that someone else has been writing this blog, pretending to be you. Poppycock, I say! No-one who knows you, Chief, could doubt this blog's authorship. The words drip from your fingers like bejewelled stardrops.