Monday, 7 July 2008


My firm favourite for the Mens' final, Roger Federer, took his punishment like a man last night. If there was humiliation in his heart it showed not a jot on his handsome visage. He could see the justice of his own defeat at the hands of a player who outclassed him on the day. And I'm sure he could see the true worth of the technology that confirmed every challenged ball. IBM technology, no less. The best in the world. The best for Somerset. Because Somerset deserves the best. Justice is sometimes displayed as blind. But those with the in-sight know more. Justice will vindicate all the work we have done to improve people's lives and generate real new economic opportunities. Justice will also be meted out to our political detractors and to any snipers in the media careless enough to transgress the criminal law. This is not a threat, but a just promise.

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Anonymous said...

Be wary of invoking deities to justify your actions, the Greeks called this sin 'hybris'(hubris). Your blog has quickly become a vehicle for blowing your own trumpet. Beware the knock of Justice on your door, or maybe the knock of one of the more earthly agencies contacted by Mr Liddell-Grainger!!