Sunday, 20 July 2008

A Moving Experience

The time has come to admit the truth. I have, at last, transferred my home and its many practical and sentimental chattels to the lovely town of Dulverton. The little house in Wivey is still for sale - perhaps one day it will sport a blue plaque with the legend "A Jones Resided Here". I am, as ever, open to all offers - or, indeed, belated house-warming presents. Friends have asked me how I can contemplate the daily journey to Taunton. Surely, they say, Dulverton to Taunton is not a leisurely bicycle ride. Oh ye of little faith. I take my lead from the tireless Mark Cavendish and my strength from the power of self belief. I owe much to Assos, of course. My incredulous critics will only marvel at my abilities in the saddle. Dulverton today. The world tomorrow. Meantime I have decided to become involved in the community of my new town. It seems to me that the Dulverton Trust, for example, is in urgent need of some professional help. Sometimes it vexes me that places like Dulverton - beautiful as they are - fail to receive the recognition they deserve. I will take it up with my new Member of Parliament, whosoever that may be.

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