Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Return of the Luddites?

I was brought up with respect for straight forward economics. You could not honestly have what you couldn't afford in the poor Liverpool of my childhood. Today and tomorrow many of the key workers in this County have decided to take industrial action. They want more money. But they have failed to spot the obvious flaw - we cannot afford the pay increase that is being demanded. It is no good them bleating about the large increases already awarded to senior personnel. Senior players make senior contributions - that is why they are recompensed. If we failed to buy the highest calibre of leadership we would end up with incompetence or anarchy. And even if all the Chief Executives in England were deprived of their justifed annual rises it wouldn't come anywhere near meeting Unison's unreasonable demands. What saddens me is the short-sightedness of those who have chosen to withdraw their labour. IBM does not suffer from strikes. Indeed it may be that the future direction of employment with SouthWest One will have to take account of such risks. Perhaps binding contracts are necessary. Maybe confidentiality agreements should be standard. Loose talk is costly. And industrial action is neither acceptable nor sensible. That is why I am at my desk as usual today. You will not catch me warming my hands on a picket line brazier.

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Anonymous said...

Well at least the staff of Somerset County Council now truly know for sure how little they are valued by their Chief Executive. Do you really think this post was helpful? As a non union, non-striking member of staff it saddens me that you should express these views on today of all days. Today should have been one day when you should have kept your personal thoughts on the action to yourself. The staff have year on year suffered from the 'cant afford it' argument, yet strangely this argument doesn't apply to you. Perhaps you would like to post your comments in Proper Gander then all staff can see exactly how you feel about them.