Thursday, 24 July 2008

Make-overs and make-ups

Oh what japes yesterday! It gave me a secret twinge of joy to know that the journalists who turned up in the faint hope of seeing me squirm in the council chamber were, themselves, about to fall victim to my own cunning powers.

My able deputy David Taylor told one of the gutter press that I was in London. My loyal press office told another that I had taken time off for illness. And the truth was I was actually selecting decoration for the new house! There is a great deal to do. Walls to be knocked down, doors to be changed, fittings to be added and space to be made. I anticipate stress on a very grand scale as Farrow and Ball move in with pigs' bristles at the ready.

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Anonymous said...

Is it right to admit to using time off for 'stress' for decorating the new house - is that best value??? What example does a Chief Executive want to set to his employees, or take to a future career with him? Whenever that happens in our authority, the person involved is usually called a 'shirker' and people are pretty pissed off as a result.......... You do yourself no favours.