Thursday, 24 July 2008

ITV - The one NOT to watch

I did not have a copy of the 1714 Riot Act handy this afternoon, but I would happily have read it out loud to the nosey little madam who is producing tonight's so-called documentary about SouthWest One on ITV. Fiona, I said to her straight, you have lied. And I gave her a proper earful. Perhaps my tone would have landed me in deep water if she had been an employee. But, frankly, I wouldn't give her or her biased colleagues an interview, let alone a job. This programme is travesty of the truth, cobbled together by those who seek to denigrate one of the greatest experiments in local government innovation for decades. You would think that TV people from Bristol - once home to that renowned Victorian innovator I K Brunel - might be able to spot a genuine winner. Instead they are sniping from the sidelines, trying to poison the water not just for me but for the prosperity of the people of Somerset. I will not tolerate bad journalism served up in the name of public service. Be warned.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alan - saw you on TV! You looked GREAT! One thing struck me tho', you said we in Somerset are "moving beyond excellence". What did you mean by that? Or is it another silly question that shows how ignorant we little people are?!