Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Dulverton Parish Plan

My new neighbours have been telling me all about their plans for the lovely parish of Dulverton. I must concede that the idea of canvassing ideas from the public is sometimes strewn with danger, but in this case the rewards outweigh the risks. Thus 600 different positive responses have been submitted to the Town Council committee charged with producing a long term plan. I will help all I can. My experience shows the need for active input in the area of strategic planning. I believe that the use of reliable contractors can also help, provided the elements of risk management and business realisation are cemented into any agreement at an early stage. Dulverton deserves the best. I hope to attract global players to assist the town in achieving the ambitions of greatness to which we should all aspire. My very good and loyal senior colleagues at the County will do all they can to oil the wheels and secure a fine future for everyone.

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